03/06/2012 New portfolio for SaaS2B
New portfolio for SaaS2B

End of 2011, SaaS2B was enriched by two new services in accordance with the roadmap defined in early 2010.
This is the Security Guard Tour and Delivery Tracking, with already a first customer for the last one.

Security Guard Tour is the traceability and realtime monitoring solution for patrols and security officers.

Delivery Tracking gives you a realtime monitoring of the deliveries and pickups of your materials.

To be clear and complete, we choose a makeover of the SaaS2B offer, which comes in both our product data sheets, our pricing plans but also on the dedicated website.



The makeover sees the offer SaaS2B now made of 3 functions and 5 associated services:

  • Traceability of people:  "Remote Badging" and the new service "Security Guard Tour "
  • Traceability of equipment: "Machine Tracking" and the recent "Delivery Tracking"
  • Traceability of vehicles based on the service "Fleet Management"

This new presentation is focused on a complete offer portfolio based upon the needs of "identifying, locating and traceability for your business. "